Tech Support

Requesting Support

For Parents/Students: Please call 201-646-6820 or send an email to

For Staff:

Please be advised that no technology issue/request will be addressed unless it has been entered into IncidentIQ.  Except in cases of emergency, which are defined as situations where a large number of rooms/individuals are affected or there is imminent danger, no request or issue should be reported via email or phone directly to any technician or myself.  If you do not receive an update on your request within 24 hours (excluding weekends/holidays), please contact me and provide the ticket information. For a list of common issues and expected response times, please see the table below.

This process is in place for several reasons:  

There are a few types of issues that should not be reported using IncidentIQ:

Common Response Times (SLAs)

**Please note that while we will make our best effort to meet the response times provided above, we cannot garauntee your issue/request may be fully resolved in the timeframe provided as there are many variables that can impact how quickly an issue is addressed.